The Abyss - LEONIART PROJECT II – Exposição Internacional de ArtePostal Visionária

// regarding the current times some of the promoted submission deadlines may be postponed
// some curators may take more time than usual to give you heads notice on received artwork as they may be putting it under quarantine

The Abyss - LEONIART PROJECT II – International Exhibition of Visionary MailArt

Monsenhor enVide neFelibata ( ) [ PORTUGAL ] and Corrado Leoni ( LEONIART ) [ ITALY ] prepared a mutual artistic interchange where traditional MailArt and DigitalMedia dive into a melting pot to create the INEDIT Visionary MailArt.

gender » Visionary MailArt

theme » "The Abyss - Hold your breath, deep dive into the abyss of your soul…"

submission deadline » April 30th 2020

submission address for digital media »

submission address for traditional media » MONSENHOR ENVIDE NEFELIBATA #THEABYSS_LEONIART | R DO FALCAO 369 3E . 4300 181 PORTO PORTUGAL

open talk / conference » October 3rd 2020

vernissage » October 3rd 2020

exhibition » October 3rd 2020 > November 7th 2020

local » Biblioteca Municipal José Marmelo e Silva | Espinho, PORTUGAL

medium » Digital collage, Digital art and Digital Manipulation. Artwork that consists 100% of traditional media such as photos, drawings and paintings will be not be allowed. The artwork can also be painted, scanned and digitally manipulated or digitally performed with the addition of some painted part. In both cases the digital elaboration must be predominant.

required dimensions » 11.8 x 15.7 in ( 30 x 40 cm )

+ INFO » check the FORM and the SAMPLE for more details on how to join


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